Office Football Pool Rules for the 2022 Season

Another season is upon us, and it's time to get things ready for the first games on Sept 8, 2022. The league rules are listed below for your benefit:

As a reminder: 1) You can view weekly results and the consensus sheets from past weeks, look for the link on the left panel of the home page and 2) A suggestion box has been added to allow players the opportunity to make suggestions they feel could make the website more functional and friendly.  Remember picks can be changed and you can pay your fees using Venmo or by check.  Keep reading below for more details and how to use the website.

Players will need to enter their picks for the coming week by the due date. Make your selections online at www.OfficeFBP.com/fbp2022.  When you logon for the first time in the season, the website will direct you to your user information to check and click update when you have verified everything is correct. For weekly players, your entry fee of $36.00 ($2.00/week) plus a $4.00 add-on (to pay additional places weekly and the 5 places overall) for a total of $40.00 will be due BEFORE the second week (see below for payment options). Please comply with this deadline for fees, or we will not be able to enter your picks.

The website www.OfficeFBP.com/fbp2022 will have the current consensus, pick sheets, and results weekly. 

Make your weekly selections by marking each game winner and giving that game a confidence number based on how strong you feel about the outcome. For a sixteen-game week, confidence points 1 to 16 are used. You can use a number only once with the highest number (16) going to the game you feel the strongest about and the lowest number (1) to the game you are least confident about its outcome. A fourteen-game week would use points 1 to 14 and so forth. If the team you selected wins that game, the confidence points you assigned are awarded and a total for the week is determined. If a game ends in a tie, everyone wins that game and receives the confidence points they assigned for that game.  The tie breakers, total points scored for both teams of the Monday night game and total offensive yards for the winning team, is used to break ties in the event more than one player has the same total confidence points for that week. There is an additional tie breaker to enter during Week 17 which is used to break any ties for the overall accumulated points for the year.  Total score for Monday night game is used first then Total offensive yards second if a tie still exists for that week. Remember to indicate the total score on your pick sheet.  If you have any questions, you can contact us at the email address below.  If a weekly player forgets to get their picks in by the weekly deadline (usually before the first game on Thursday, they will receive the default picks for the week.  The default picks are all visiting teams and confidence points assigned 1 to number of games top to bottom and the default picks cannot win a week. Since the 2015 season you can make changes to your picks. You still need to enter your picks by the deadline, but changes can be made to games later in the week. After the first deadline on Thursday, the Thursday game(s) will be locked and if a week has a Saturday game(s), you can change your picks up until it is locked. Changes can be made for the remaining games in the week up to the second deadline on Sunday at noon. After the second deadline, all games will be locked (Sunday and Monday games) and no changes can be made. The consensus will become available after the second deadline. If you miss entering your picks, defaults will be applied as described above however remember changes can be made until the game is locked.

Each week $1.00 of the entry fee is paid out to the players with the highest total for confidence points (65% to 1st place, 25% to 2nd and 10% to 3rd) and the other $1.00 goes toward the final pot to be paid out at the end of the season to the top five players with highest total accumulated confidence points.  The remaining balance will be paid out 50% to 1st place, 20% to 2nd, 15% to 3rd, 10% to 4th and 5% for 5th.  In the case of a tie any given week, the total payout is split equally among the winners. At season end, ties for the top spots split the winnings for the places they hold, a tie for 1st and 2nd would split 70% of the total while a tie for 2nd and 3rd would split 35%.

Please send your fee to the address listed below by the deadline indicated. You can pay with a check (mailing address below). Update your user information on the website. The weekly consensus and recap are also available on the website.

The preferred way to pay your fees is by using Venmo. To pay via Venmo, send the ($40.00) to @Patricia-Kremer.  I will manually update the website with your payment.

Make checks payable to George Kremer and send fees to:  George Kremer at 10746 Lyndale Bluffs Trail, Bloomington, MN  55420

Contact us at our NEW email at:  OFPOfficeFootballPool2022@gmail.com.  GOOD LUCK!!