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** Week 19 Picks Due 1/12/2019 By 3:35 Pm **

Congrats to our Week 17 Winners:
1st Place- Jacob Newberry
2nd Place- Caleb Quast
3rd Place- Bob Wortman
Congrats to our 2018 Overall Winners
(Last Year Finish):
1st-Heidi Fiorentino(6), 2nd-Jeff Windt(69), 3rd-Dave Janney(12)
4th-Steve Koskinas(61), 5th-Cleo Robinson(18)
6th-Mary Thomas(26), 7th-Dale Nass(14), 8th-Lou Gonnella(44)
9th-Richie Saunders(50), 10th-George Kremer(39)
Congrats to our 2018 Playoff Winners:
1st- Young Scremo, 2nd- Steve Scremo
3rd- Adam Woodhouse
Congratulations to the New England Patriots
Super Bowl Champion 2018
That's #6 For Them

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Week 19

Saturday, 1/12

Colts at Chiefs
Cowboys at Rams

Sunday, 1/13

Chargers at Patriots
Eagles at Saints

Sunday, 1/20

Patriots at Chiefs
Rams at Saints

Sunday, 2/3

Patriots at Rams

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