2015 Post Season Playoff Instructions

The entry fee will be $17.00 ($15 to the playoff pot, $2 administrative fee) plus a $3.00 fee for faxing results after each round if you don't have access to the Internet and need a fax. This year you may use PAYPAL to pay your playoff fees, $17.00 plus $1.00 handling fee.  Look for the PAYNOW button on the PlayoffMenu main page.  Winner shares will be paid out after the Super Bowl as follows:

1st Place 65%

2nd 25%

3rd 10%

There will be two parts to be completed. The first week of the playoff you will pick wild card winners and receive 5 points for every correct pick. After the pairings are complete for the divisional playoffs, I will post an updated playoff pick sheet where you will pick winners all the way through to the Super Bowl. The 2nd playoff pick sheet will fill in the winners you select for the next round as you make entries .Scoring for each correct pick is as follows:

Divisional Playoff 10 points

Championship Games 20 points

Super Bowl 30 points

After the super bowl, overall ties will go to the player who picked the winner- otherwise the 2 tie breakers will be used. The 1st will be the total score for the game and the 2nd if needed will be the total offensive yardage for the winning team. The winner (if tie breakers are used) will be determined by who is closest to the tie breaker. Pick sheets will be due 1/2 hour before the first game on Jan 9th for the first round wild card games. Your final pick sheet will be due 1/2 hour before the first game on Jan 16th. Your entry fee will be due by Saturday, Jan 9th in order to have your pick sheet count. I will be posting results from the wild card games on Jan 11th and the consensus for the final pick sheet on Jan 16th by game start time. You may enter your picks on the web page or send a sheet with your picks on plain paper or use the supplied pick sheet or use email whichever is convenient. The sheet and results will also be available on the Internet web page shown below. I would like to know who is interested in playing by sending me an email or drop me a line indicating your name and desire to play.  New players are welcome.  Register anytime at www.OfficeFBP.com/fbp2015, click login and follow the new user link.  Addresses are following:

Harley Woodhouse
615 Queen Dr.
Oswego, Il 60543

Fax: 630-607-7835  Cell Phone 630-401-0530

Email: admin@officefbp.com  Internet Web Page- Playoff Page