Office Football Pool Rules for the 2012 Season

Another season is upon us, and it's time to get things ready for the first games on Sept 5, 2012 The league rules are listed below for your benefit:

Players will need to enter their picks for the coming week by the due date. Make your selections online at www.OfficeFBP.com/fbp2012 or print a pick sheet on the website and be sure to return your sheet by the date and time shown to Woody at fax number (630) 607-7835, email your selections to picks@OfficeFBP.com.  On the website you will be directed to your user information to check and update if necessary or if faxing your pick sheet indicate whether you will be a weekly or casual player. For weekly players, your entry fee of $34.00 ($2.00/week) plus a $4.00 add-on (to pay additional places weekly and the 10 places overall) for a total of $38.00 will be due BEFORE the second week. Please comply with this deadline for fees, or we will not be able to enter your picks. Casual players ($3.00/week) fees are due before the start of the next week or your selections can not be entered. The Post Season Playoff will have a separate fee schedule distributed in Dec 2012 along with a pick sheet. 

The website www.OfficeFBP.com/fbp2012 will have the current consensus, pick sheets and results weekly.  If you wish to receive a consensus sheet (picks for all players) for the current week include a FAX NUMBER that is ready at all times, because I will not be able to send one to your location if you must receive a phone call first.  A separate fee of $1.00/per week ($17.00 for a weekly player) will be required for those requesting a fax of the consensus and results each week. If more than one player is at the same fax number, the fee will only apply once for the same fax number. This additional fee is due at the same time as your entry fees. If you have internet access, you can save this fee by getting your weekly consensus sheet and results from the web page shown previously.

Make your weekly selections by marking each games winner and giving that game a confidence number based on how strong you feel about the outcome. For a sixteen game week, confidence points 1 to 16 are used. You can use a number only once with the highest number (16) going to the game you feel the strongest about and the lowest number (1) to the game you are least confident about its outcome. A fourteen game week would use points 1 to 14 and so forth. If the team you selected wins that game, the confidence points you assigned are awarded and a total for the week is determined. If a game ends in a tie, everyone wins that game and receives the confidence points they assigned for that game.  The tie breaker, total points scored for both teams of the Monday night game, is used to break ties in the event more than one player has the same total confidence points for that week with the winner going to the one whose total score is closest to the actual total of the game score. Remember to indicate the total score on your pick sheet. Please note- If you forget to make a pick or enter a confidence number for a given game or forget to indicate total points, I will fill in what I can figure out but will not be able to contact you to get the correction. If you have any questions, you can contact me at the email address below or call and leave a message at the number below.  If a weekly player forgets to get their picks in by the weekly deadline (usually before the first game that week for internet access), they will receive the default picks for the week.  The default picks are all visiting teams and confidence points assigned 1 to number of games top to bottom and the default picks cannot win a week.

Each week $1.00 of the entry fee is paid out to the players with the highest total for confidence points (60% to 1st place, 30% to 2nd and 10% to 3rd) and the other $1.00 goes toward the final pot to be paid out at the end of the season to the top ten players with highest total accumulated confidence points.  Places 4 thru 10 are paid out based on your entry fee of $38 so 10th place returns the entry fee 9th is 1.5 times the entry fee, 8th is 2 times the entry fee, 7th is 2.5 times the fee, etc.  The remaining balance will be paid out 60% to 1st place, 30% to 2nd and 10% to 3rd.  In the case of a tie any given week, the total payout is split equally among the winners. At season end, ties for the top spots split the winnings for the places they hold, a tie for 1st and 2nd would split 90% of the total while a tie for 2nd and 3rd would split 50% of the total and so forth. The post season playoff will use the same percentages for winners.

Please send your fee to the address listed below by the deadline indicated. Update your user information on the website or on your first sheet please include an address where your winnings would be sent. If you are interested in receiving a weekly consensus sheet and weekly recap (additional fee as shown above), include a fax number where it can be sent. Also, include a phone number where you can be reached if we have any questions, you have forgotten to mark a game or a total score.

Make checks payable to Harley Woodhouse and send fees to: Harley Woodhouse, 615 Queen Dr., Oswego, IL 60543

Contact me at email address admin@OfficeFBP.com or call my Cell Phone at 630-401-0530GOOD LUCK.